FIC alignment

Multiple sequence alignment of representative FIC domain sequences. Sequences are labeled by species and colored by superkingdom: bacteria (black), eukaryote (blue), archaea (red). Residue positions are highlighted by conservation: hydrophobic (yellow), small (grey), and polar (black). Residue numbers are depicted to the left of the alignment, and omitted residues are in parentheses. Observed secondary structure elements consistent in all FIC domain structures are indicated below the alignment (SS: cylinder for helix and arrow for strand) and colored from N to C-terminus in rainbow. An asterisk above the alignment marks the VopS H348 mutation. Alignments refer to the following proteins in the order listed: VopS, gi|88192876, gi|151567990, gi|42794620, gi|17544594, gi|24582217, and gi|21228708