RPS-BLAST 2.2.22 [Sep-27-2009]

Database: CddA 
           21,609 sequences; 6,263,737 total letters


Query= gi|254780179|ref|YP_003064592.1| hypothetical protein
CLIBASIA_00310 [Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus str. psy62]
         (75 letters)

>gnl|CDD|173753 cd07864, STKc_CDK12, Catalytic domain of the Serine/Threonine
           Kinase, Cyclin-Dependent protein Kinase 12.
           Serine/Threonine Kinases (STKs), Cyclin-Dependent
           protein Kinase 12 (CDK12) subfamily, catalytic (c)
           domain. STKs catalyze the transfer of the
           gamma-phosphoryl group from ATP to serine/threonine
           residues on protein substrates. The CDK12 subfamily is
           part of a larger superfamily that includes the catalytic
           domains of other protein STKs, protein tyrosine kinases,
           RIO kinases, aminoglycoside phosphotransferase, choline
           kinase, and phosphoinositide 3-kinase. CDKs belong to a
           large family of STKs that are regulated by their cognate
           cyclins. Together, they are involved in the control of
           cell-cycle progression, transcription, and neuronal
           function. CDK12 is also called Cdc2-related protein
           kinase 7 (CRK7) or Cdc2-related kinase
           arginine/serine-rich (CrkRS). It is a unique CDK that
           contains an arginine/serine-rich (RS) domain, which is
           predominantly found in splicing factors. CDK12 is widely
           expressed in tissues. It interacts with cyclins L1 and
           L2, and plays roles in regulating transcription and
           alternative splicing.
          Length = 302

 Score = 24.4 bits (53), Expect = 7.3
 Identities = 9/27 (33%), Positives = 14/27 (51%), Gaps = 7/27 (25%)

           E  ++ F+ +H       LL  L+YCH

  Database: CddA
    Posted date:  Feb 4, 2011  9:38 PM
  Number of letters in database: 6,263,737
  Number of sequences in database:  21,609
Lambda     K      H
   0.327    0.140    0.417 

Lambda     K      H
   0.267   0.0692    0.140 

Matrix: BLOSUM62
Gap Penalties: Existence: 11, Extension: 1
Number of Sequences: 21609
Number of Hits to DB: 933,216
Number of extensions: 38393
Number of successful extensions: 148
Number of sequences better than 10.0: 1
Number of HSP's gapped: 148
Number of HSP's successfully gapped: 19
Length of query: 75
Length of database: 6,263,737
Length adjustment: 46
Effective length of query: 29
Effective length of database: 5,269,723
Effective search space: 152821967
Effective search space used: 152821967
Neighboring words threshold: 11
Window for multiple hits: 40
X1: 15 ( 7.1 bits)
X2: 38 (14.6 bits)
X3: 64 (24.7 bits)
S1: 40 (21.7 bits)
S2: 50 (23.1 bits)