HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780206 and conserved domain: cd03784

>cd03784 GT1_Gtf_like This family includes the Gtfs, a group of homologous glycosyltransferases involved in the final stages of the biosynthesis of antibiotics vancomycin and related chloroeremomycin. Gtfs transfer sugar moieties from an activated NDP-sugar donor to the oxidatively cross-linked heptapeptide core of vancomycin group antibiotics. The core structure is important for the bioactivity of the antibiotics.
Probab=92.94  E-value=0.85  Score=25.75  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=42%  Similarity=0.684  Sum_probs=20.8

Q ss_pred             CEEEEECCCHHHH-----HHHHHHHHCCC
Q ss_conf             9589988658899-----99999985899
Q gi|254780206|r    1 MRVLLIGSGGREH-----ALAWKIAQSPL   24 (424)
Q Consensus         1 MkILviGsGgrEh-----Al~~~l~~s~~   24 (424)
T Consensus         1 Mril~~~~~~~GH~~P~l~lA~~L~~rGh   29 (401)
T cd03784           1 MRVLITTIGSRGDVQPLVALAWALRAAGH   29 (401)
T ss_conf             97999879857589999999999998899