HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780218 and conserved domain: cd03218

>cd03218 ABC_YhbG The ABC transporters belonging to the YhbG family are similar to members of the Mj1267_LivG family, which is involved in the transport of branched-chain amino acids. The genes yhbG and yhbN are located in a single operon and may function together in cell envelope during biogenesis. YhbG is the putative ATP-binding cassette component and YhbN is the putative periplasmic-binding protein. Depletion of each gene product leads to growth arrest, irreversible cell damage and loss of viability in E. coli. The YhbG homolog (NtrA) is essential in Rhizobium meliloti, a symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium.
Probab=95.38  E-value=0.016  Score=35.25  Aligned_cols=31  Identities=26%  Similarity=0.489  Sum_probs=26.2

Q ss_conf             9888689986788879799999999999977
Q gi|254780218|r    1 MNSGLFISFEGIEGAGKTTHISLLKRFLQRK   31 (225)
Q Consensus         1 M~~g~~I~iEGiDGsGKsTq~~~L~~~L~~~   31 (225)
T Consensus        23 v~~Gei~~llGpNGAGKSTll~~i~Gl~~p~   53 (232)
T cd03218          23 VKQGEIVGLLGPNGAGKTTTFYMIVGLVKPD   53 (232)
T ss_conf             8999599999999961999999997799998