HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780218 and conserved domain: cd03224

>cd03224 ABC_TM1139_LivF_branched LivF (TM1139) is part of the LIV-I bacterial ABC-type two-component transport system that imports neutral, branched-chain amino acids. The E. coli branched-chain amino acid transporter comprises a heterodimer of ABC transporters (LivF and LivG), a heterodimer of six-helix TM domains (LivM and LivH), and one of two alternative soluble periplasmic substrate binding proteins (LivK or LivJ). ABC transporters are a large family of proteins involved in the transport of a wide variety of different compounds, like sugars, ions, peptides, and more complex organic molecules.
Probab=95.50  E-value=0.016  Score=35.31  Aligned_cols=30  Identities=30%  Similarity=0.491  Sum_probs=26.0

Q ss_conf             888689986788879799999999999977
Q gi|254780218|r    2 NSGLFISFEGIEGAGKTTHISLLKRFLQRK   31 (225)
Q Consensus         2 ~~g~~I~iEGiDGsGKsTq~~~L~~~L~~~   31 (225)
T Consensus        24 ~~Gei~~liG~nGaGKSTLl~~i~Gl~~p~   53 (222)
T cd03224          24 PEGEIVALLGRNGAGKTTLLKTIMGLLPPR   53 (222)
T ss_conf             899899999999985999999997798899