HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780218 and conserved domain: cd03291

>cd03291 ABCC_CFTR1 The CFTR subfamily domain 1. The cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR), the product of the gene mutated in patients with cystic fibrosis, has adapted the ABC transporter structural motif to form a tightly regulated anion channel at the apical surface of many epithelia. Use of the term assembly of a functional ion channel implies the coming together of subunits, or at least smaller not-yet functional components of the active whole. In fact, on the basis of current knowledge only the CFTR polypeptide itself is required to form an ATP- and protein kinase A-dependent low-conductance chloride channel of the type present in the apical membrane of many epithelial cells. CFTR displays the typical organization (IM-ABC)2 and carries a characteristic hydrophilic R-domain that separates IM1-ABC1 from IM2-ABC2.
Probab=96.01  E-value=0.0065  Score=37.66  Aligned_cols=29  Identities=28%  Similarity=0.517  Sum_probs=25.5

Q ss_conf             98886899867888797999999999999
Q gi|254780218|r    1 MNSGLFISFEGIEGAGKTTHISLLKRFLQ   29 (225)
Q Consensus         1 M~~g~~I~iEGiDGsGKsTq~~~L~~~L~   29 (225)
T Consensus        60 I~~Ge~vaIVG~sGSGKSTLl~lL~gl~~   88 (282)
T cd03291          60 IEKGEMLAITGSTGSGKTSLLMLILGELE   88 (282)
T ss_conf             84999999999999819999999957872