HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780218 and conserved domain: cd03301

>cd03301 ABC_MalK_N The N-terminal ATPase domain of the maltose transporter, MalK. ATP binding cassette (ABC) proteins function from bacteria to human, mediating the translocation of substances into and out of cells or organelles. ABC transporters contain two transmembrane-spanning domains (TMDs) or subunits and two nucleotide binding domains (NBDs) or subunits that couple transport to the hydrolysis of ATP. In the maltose transport system, the periplasmic maltose binding protein (MBP) stimulates the ATPase activity of the membrane-associated transporter, which consists of two transmembrane subunits, MalF and MalG, and two copies of the ATP binding subunit, MalK, and becomes tightly bound to the transporter in the catalytic transition state, ensuring that maltose is passed to the transporter as ATP is hydrolyzed.
Probab=95.51  E-value=0.014  Score=35.68  Aligned_cols=28  Identities=29%  Similarity=0.546  Sum_probs=24.6

Q ss_conf             8886899867888797999999999999
Q gi|254780218|r    2 NSGLFISFEGIEGAGKTTHISLLKRFLQ   29 (225)
Q Consensus         2 ~~g~~I~iEGiDGsGKsTq~~~L~~~L~   29 (225)
T Consensus        24 ~~Ge~~~i~GpSG~GKSTlLr~iaGl~~   51 (213)
T cd03301          24 ADGEFVVLLGPSGCGKTTTLRMIAGLEE   51 (213)
T ss_conf             6998999999998809999999976999