HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780229 and conserved domain: cd03278

>cd03278 ABC_SMC_barmotin Barmotin is a tight junction-associated protein expressed in rat epithelial cells which is thought to have an important regulatory role in tight junction barrier function. Barmotin belongs to the SMC protein family. SMC proteins are large (approximately 110 to 170 kDa), and each is arranged into five recognizable domains. Amino-acid sequence homology of SMC proteins between species is largely confined to the amino- and carboxy-terminal globular domains. The amino-terminal domain contains a 'Walker A' nucleotide-binding domain (GxxGxGKS/T, in the single-letter amino-acid code), which by mutational studies has been shown to be essential in several proteins. The carboxy-terminal domain contains a sequence (the DA-box) that resembles a 'Walker B' motif, and a motif with homology to the signature sequence of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) family of ATPases. The sequence homology within the carboxy-terminal domain is relatively high within the SMC1-SMC4 group, w
Probab=94.54  E-value=0.036  Score=37.61  Aligned_cols=29  Identities=34%  Similarity=0.421  Sum_probs=23.2

Q ss_conf             8514895599428787703899999999996
Q gi|254780229|r  415 DVINGKNLIIEGPPGTGKSQTITNIIAAAML  445 (1775)
Q Consensus       415 ~~~~g~~~vi~GPPGTGKSQTIaNlIa~~la  445 (1775)
T Consensus        19 ~ip~G-itaIvGpsGsGKS-TLl~~i~~~lg   47 (197)
T cd03278          19 PFPPG-LTAIVGPNGSGKS-NIIDAIRWVLG   47 (197)
T ss_conf             73898-2899999999889-99999998747