HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780229 and conserved domain: pfam05707

>pfam05707 Zot Zonular occludens toxin (Zot). This family consists of bacterial and viral proteins which are very similar to the Zonular occludens toxin (Zot). Zot is elaborated by bacteriophages present in toxigenic strains of Vibrio cholerae. Zot is a single polypeptide chain of 44.8 kDa, with the ability to reversibly alter intestinal epithelial tight junctions, allowing the passage of macromolecules through mucosal barriers
Probab=94.47  E-value=0.055  Score=35.67  Aligned_cols=10  Identities=30%  Similarity=0.640  Sum_probs=5.1

Q ss_pred             EEEECCHHHC
Q ss_conf             7886063236
Q gi|254780229|r 1364 LVIMDESSQI 1373 (1775)
Q Consensus      1364 ~VI~DEASQ~ 1373 (1775)
T Consensus        73 liViDE~~~~   82 (183)
T pfam05707        73 LLVIDEAQTW   82 (183)
T ss_pred             EEEEECCHHH
T ss_conf             9999897655