HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780240 and conserved domain: cd03255

>cd03255 ABC_MJ0796_Lo1CDE_FtsE This family is comprised of MJ0796 ATP-binding cassette, macrolide-specific ABC-type efflux carrier (MacAB), and proteins involved in cell division (FtsE), and release of liporoteins from the cytoplasmic membrane (LolCDE). They are clustered together phylogenetically. MacAB is an exporter that confers resistance to macrolides, while the LolCDE system is not a transporter at all. An FtsE null mutants showed filamentous growth and appeared viable on high salt medium only, indicating a role for FtsE in cell division and/or salt transport. The LolCDE complex catalyses the release of lipoproteins from the cytoplasmic membrane prior to their targeting to the outer membrane.
Probab=94.19  E-value=0.039  Score=34.14  Aligned_cols=22  Identities=36%  Similarity=0.478  Sum_probs=18.3

Q ss_conf             9998788999678999999971
Q gi|254780240|r    3 IIFLGPPGSGKGTQACRLSQKL   24 (201)
Q Consensus         3 I~i~G~PGsGK~T~a~~la~~~   24 (201)
T Consensus        33 ~~iiG~sGsGKTTll~~i~Gl~   54 (218)
T cd03255          33 VAIVGPSGSGKSTLLNILGGLD   54 (218)
T ss_conf             9999999986999999996699