RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780253 and conserved domain: cd00427

>gnl|CDD|88602 cd00427, Ribosomal_L29_HIP, Ribosomal L29 protein/HIP. L29 is a protein of the large ribosomal Subunit. A homolog, called heparin/heparan sulfate interacting protein (HIP), has also been identified in mammals. L29 is located on the surface of the large ribosomal subunit, where it participates in forming a protein ring that surrounds the polypeptide exit channel, providing structural support for the ribosome. L29 is involved in forming the translocon binding site, along with L19, L22, L23, L24, and L31e. In addition, L29 and L23 form the interaction site for trigger factor (TF) on the ribosomal surface, adjacent to the exit tunnel. L29 forms numerous interactions with L23 and with the 23S rRNA. In some eukaryotes, L29 is referred to as L35, which is distinct from L35 found in bacteria and some eukaryotes (primarily plastids and mitochondria). The mammalian homolog, HIP, is found on the surface of many tissues and cell lines. It is believed to play a role in cell adhesion and modulation of blood coagulation. It has also been shown to inhibit apoptosis in cancer cells.. Length = 57
 Score = 57.0 bits (138), Expect = 1e-09
 Identities = 30/57 (52%), Positives = 45/57 (78%)

          K++   S ++L EKL +LKK+  +LRFQKA+GQ+E P R+R+V +DIARIKT++N +