HHsearch results for GI: 254780286 and protein with PDBid: 3bjc_A

>3bjc_A CGMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase; PDE5, erectIle dysfunction, inhibitor design, allosteric enzyme, alternative splicing, CGMP binding; HET: WAN; 2.00A {Homo sapiens} SCOP: a.211.1.2 PDB: 2k31_A*
Probab=91.82  E-value=0.15  Score=29.62  Aligned_cols=20  Identities=15%  Similarity=0.044  Sum_probs=9.5

Q ss_pred             CHHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCC
Q ss_conf             36999999999818898855
Q gi|254780286|r  384 TDSYAIREHHILFGYIPDFA  403 (410)
Q Consensus       384 TD~YAi~ly~kL~G~~p~~~  403 (410)
T Consensus       824 ~~~~~~Pl~~~l~~~~p~~~  843 (878)
T 3bjc_A          824 IDAICLQLYEALTHVSEDCF  843 (878)
T ss_dssp             HHHTHHHHHHHHHHHCGGGH
T ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHCHHHH
T ss_conf             99999999999999786489