HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780290 and conserved domain: TIGR03466

>TIGR03466 HpnA hopanoid-associated sugar epimerase. The sequences in this family are members of the pfam01370 superfamily of NAD-dependent epimerases and dehydratases typically acting on nucleotide-sugar substrates. The genes of the family modeled here are generally in the same locus with genes involved in the biosynthesis and elaboration of hopene, the cyclization product of the polyisoprenoid squalene.
Probab=95.52  E-value=0.0017  Score=42.29  Aligned_cols=11  Identities=9%  Similarity=0.063  Sum_probs=4.7

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHCC
Q ss_conf             99999999829
Q gi|254780290|r  312 VAMAHDIMEKS  322 (332)
Q Consensus       312 i~~A~~~l~~g  322 (332)
T Consensus       315 l~~tv~W~~~n  325 (328)
T TIGR03466       315 LRDAVEWFRAN  325 (328)
T ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHC
T ss_conf             99999999986