HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780294 and conserved domain: cd05213

>cd05213 NAD_bind_Glutamyl_tRNA_reduct NADP-binding domain of glutamyl-tRNA reductase. Glutamyl-tRNA reductase catalyzes the conversion of glutamyl-tRNA to glutamate-1-semialdehyde, initiating the synthesis of tetrapyrrole. Whereas tRNAs are generally associated with peptide bond formation in protein translation, here the tRNA activates glutamate in the initiation of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis in archaea, plants and many bacteria. In the first step, activated glutamate is reduced to glutamate-1-semi-aldehyde via the NADPH dependent glutamyl-tRNA reductase. Glutamyl-tRNA reductase forms a V-shaped dimer. Each monomer has 3 domains: an N-terminal catalytic domain, a classic nucleotide binding domain, and a C-terminal dimerization domain. Although the representative structure 1GPJ lacks a bound NADPH, a theoretical binding pocket has been described. (PMID 11172694). Amino acid dehydrogenase (DH)-like NAD(P)-binding domains are members of the Rossmann fold superfamily and include glutamate,
Probab=96.60  E-value=0.0089  Score=36.41  Aligned_cols=11  Identities=9%  Similarity=0.341  Sum_probs=5.2

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHCCCC
Q ss_conf             99999862997
Q gi|254780294|r   16 KIRSRIVQRKD   26 (311)
Q Consensus        16 ~li~lL~~hp~   26 (311)
T Consensus        28 ~~l~~l~~~~~   38 (311)
T cd05213          28 EALRRLLEKPG   38 (311)
T ss_pred             HHHHHHHCCCC
T ss_conf             99999863799