RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780321 and conserved domain: cd01881

>gnl|CDD|133281 cd01881, Obg_like, The Obg-like subfamily consists of five well-delimited, ancient subfamilies, namely Obg, DRG, YyaF/YchF, Ygr210, and NOG1. Four of these groups (Obg, DRG, YyaF/YchF, and Ygr210) are characterized by a distinct glycine-rich motif immediately following the Walker B motif (G3 box). Obg/CgtA is an essential gene that is involved in the initiation of sporulation and DNA replication in the bacteria Caulobacter and Bacillus, but its exact molecular role is unknown. Furthermore, several OBG family members possess a C-terminal RNA-binding domain, the TGS domain, which is also present in threonyl-tRNA synthetase and in bacterial guanosine polyphosphatase SpoT. Nog1 is a nucleolar protein that might function in ribosome assembly. The DRG and Nog1 subfamilies are ubiquitous in archaea and eukaryotes, the Ygr210 subfamily is present in archaea and fungi, and the Obg and YyaF/YchF subfamilies are ubiquitous in bacteria and eukaryotes. The Obg/Nog1 and DRG subfamilies appear to form one major branch of the Obg family and the Ygr210 and YchF subfamilies form another branch. No GEFs, GAPs, or GDIs for Obg have been identified. Length = 176
 Score = 40.2 bits (95), Expect = 0.002
 Identities = 18/55 (32%), Positives = 30/55 (54%), Gaps = 1/55 (1%)

           +I VLNK DL  A+ +  ++ + E       + + +SAKT EG+  L+  I + L