HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780361 and conserved domain: TIGR00354

>TIGR00354 polC DNA polymerase II, large subunit DP2; InterPro: IPR004475 This family represents the large subunit, DP2, of a two subunit novel archaebacterial replicative DNA polymerase first characterised for Pyrococcus furiosus. The structure of DP2 appears to be organised as a ~950 residue component separated from a ~300 residue component by a ~150 residue intein. The other subunit, DP1, has sequence similarity to the eukaryotic DNA polymerase delta small subunit.; GO: 0003677 DNA binding, 0003887 DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity, 0006260 DNA replication, 0006308 DNA catabolic process.
Probab=90.83  E-value=0.12  Score=29.43  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=17%  Similarity=-0.038  Sum_probs=19.3

Q ss_conf             837887899782440464257786
Q gi|254780361|r   25 PAYVEDKKSGELRRPHHVDMKTGL   48 (61)
Q Consensus        25 p~l~~c~~cG~~~~~H~vc~~cG~   48 (61)
T Consensus       677 i~~~~CP~Cgk~s~-~~~Cp~CG~  699 (1173)
T TIGR00354       677 IAIAKCPSCGKESL-YRVCPVCGE  699 (1173)
T ss_conf             50121887664000-014577885