HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780374 and conserved domain: TIGR02747

>TIGR02747 TraV type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV; InterPro: IPR014118 This entry includes TraV, which is a component of conjugative type IV secretion system. TraV is an outer membrane lipoprotein that is believed to interact with the secretin TraK , , . The alignment contains three conserved cysteines in the N-terminal half..
Probab=90.43  E-value=0.16  Score=29.51  Aligned_cols=20  Identities=30%  Similarity=0.544  Sum_probs=15.2

Q ss_pred             CCHHHHHHHHHHHH--HHHHCC
Q ss_conf             91179999999999--854336
Q gi|254780374|r    1 MYRYSFIVLCYSSL--LFGCHS   20 (238)
Q Consensus         1 M~r~~l~~l~~~~l--L~GCas   20 (238)
T Consensus         1 Mmr~~~L~~~~~~~f~LtGCsa   22 (174)
T TIGR02747         1 MMRLKVLLLLACVAFLLTGCSA   22 (174)
T ss_conf             9067899999999872002577