HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780457 and conserved domain: cd03252

>cd03252 ABCC_Hemolysin The ABC-transporter hemolysin B is a central component of the secretion machinery that translocates the toxin, hemolysin A, in a Sec-independent fashion across both membranes of E. coli. The hemolysin A (HlyA) transport machinery is composed of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter HlyB located in the inner membrane, hemolysin D (HlyD), also anchored in the inner membrane, and TolC, which resides in the outer membrane. HlyD apparently forms a continuous channel that bridges the entire periplasm, interacting with TolC and HlyB. This arrangement prevents the appearance of periplasmic intermediates of HlyA during substrate transport. Little is known about the molecular details of HlyA transport, but it is evident that ATP-hydrolysis by the ABC-transporter HlyB is a necessary source of energy.
Probab=96.12  E-value=0.0045  Score=39.29  Aligned_cols=25  Identities=28%  Similarity=0.541  Sum_probs=21.7

Q ss_conf             8189866687789678999999981
Q gi|254780457|r    8 SIIIAIDGTAAAGKGVLSRFIALEY   32 (217)
Q Consensus         8 ~~iIaIDGpagsGKsT~ak~lA~~l   32 (217)
T Consensus        28 G~~vaivG~sGsGKSTll~ll~gl~   52 (237)
T cd03252          28 GEVVGIVGRSGSGKSTLTKLIQRFY   52 (237)
T ss_conf             9999999999985999999996776