HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780457 and conserved domain: pfam07693

>pfam07693 KAP_NTPase KAP family P-loop domain. The KAP (after Kidins220/ARMS and PifA) family of predicted NTPases are sporadically distributed across a wide phylogenetic range in bacteria and in animals. Many of the prokaryotic KAP NTPases are encoded in plasmids and tend to undergo disruption to form pseudogenes. A unique feature of all eukaryotic and certain bacterial KAP NTPases is the presence of two or four transmembrane helices inserted into the P-loop NTPase domain. These transmembrane helices anchor KAP NTPases in the membrane such that the P-loop domain is located on the intracellular side.
Probab=95.76  E-value=0.011  Score=36.88  Aligned_cols=28  Identities=18%  Similarity=0.315  Sum_probs=25.6

Q ss_conf             5881898666877896789999999817
Q gi|254780457|r    6 SQSIIIAIDGTAAAGKGVLSRFIALEYG   33 (217)
Q Consensus         6 ~k~~iIaIDGpagsGKsT~ak~lA~~l~   33 (217)
T Consensus        18 ~~~~vIgl~G~WGsGKTs~l~~~~~~L~   45 (301)
T pfam07693        18 APGFVIGLYGAWGSGKTSFLNLLEDELK   45 (301)
T ss_conf             9997999989899999999999999986