HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780466 and conserved domain: pfam01795

>pfam01795 Methyltransf_5 MraW methylase family. Members of this family are probably SAM dependent methyltransferases based on Escherichia coli mraW. This family appears to be related to pfam01596.
Probab=91.61  E-value=1.1  Score=24.28  Aligned_cols=21  Identities=19%  Similarity=0.452  Sum_probs=10.2

Q ss_conf             729998346888999987640578
Q gi|254780466|r  100 GTLWVIGSYHNIFRIGTMLQNLNF  123 (375)
Q Consensus       100 Gsi~v~~~~~~i~~i~~~l~~~gf  123 (375)
T Consensus        71 r~~~~~~nF~~l~---~~l~~~~~   91 (310)
T pfam01795        71 RVTLIHSNFANLF---AYLKELGV   91 (310)
T ss_pred             CEEEEECCHHHHH---HHHHHCCC
T ss_conf             5899925375799---99987598