HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780466 and conserved domain: pfam07021

>pfam07021 MetW Methionine biosynthesis protein MetW. This family consists of several bacterial and one archaeal methionine biosynthesis MetW proteins. Biosynthesis of methionine from homoserine in Pseudomonas putida takes place in three steps. The first step is the acylation of homoserine to yield an acyl-L-homoserine. This reaction is catalysed by the products of the metXW genes and is equivalent to the first step in enterobacteria, gram-positive bacteria and fungi, except that in these microorganisms the reaction is catalysed by a single polypeptide (the product of the metA gene in Escherichia coli and the met5 gene product in Neurospora crassa). In Pseudomonas putida, as in gram-positive bacteria and certain fungi, the second and third steps are a direct sulfhydrylation that converts the O-acyl-L-homoserine into homocysteine and further methylation to yield methionine. The latter reaction can be mediated by either of the two methionine synthetases present in the cells.
Probab=94.10  E-value=0.26  Score=28.07  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=35%  Similarity=0.611  Sum_probs=12.5

Q ss_conf             85172599897284147118984
Q gi|254780466|r   23 IIKGNSISVLEKLPAKSVDLIFA   45 (375)
Q Consensus        23 I~~GDcl~~l~~Lpd~sVDlI~t   45 (375)
T Consensus        59 Vi~~D~d~~l~~f~d~sFD~VIl   81 (193)
T pfam07021        59 VIQGDADKGLEHFPDKSFDYVIL   81 (193)
T ss_conf             45077445974577678037869