HHsearch results for GI: 254780466 and protein with PDBid: 2ih2_A

>2ih2_A Modification methylase TAQI; DNA, DNA methyltransferase, target base partner, 5- methylpyrimidin-2(1H)-ONE, base flipping; HET: 5PY 6MA NEA; 1.61A {Thermus aquaticus} SCOP: c.66.1.27 d.287.1.1 PDB: 2ibs_A* 2ibt_A* 2ih4_A* 2ih5_A* 2jg3_A* 2np6_A* 2np7_A* 1aqj_A* 1aqi_A* 2adm_A* 1g38_A*
Probab=91.72  E-value=0.29  Score=26.52  Aligned_cols=19  Identities=16%  Similarity=0.267  Sum_probs=6.1

Q ss_pred             CHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCEE
Q ss_conf             1899999998528998889
Q gi|254780466|r  209 PEALLSRILVSSTKPGDII  227 (375)
Q Consensus       209 P~~LleriI~~~S~~gDiV  227 (375)
T Consensus       246 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~  264 (421)
T 2ih2_A          246 ETEETRKLEISGMPLGDLF  264 (421)
T ss_dssp             CCHHHHHHHHTSEEHHHHE
T ss_pred             CHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCCC
T ss_conf             7056778863697654221