HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780484 and conserved domain: cd03236

>cd03236 ABC_RNaseL_inhibitor_domain1 The ATPase domain 1 of RNase L inhibitor. The ABC ATPase, RNase L inhibitor (RLI), is a key enzyme in ribosomal biogenesis, formation of translation preinitiation complexes, and assembly of HIV capsids. RLI s are not transport proteins and thus cluster with a group of soluble proteins that lack the transmembrane components commonly found in other members of the family. Structurally, RLIs have an N-terminal Fe-S domain and two nucleotide binding domains which are arranged to form two composite active sites in their interface cleft. RLI is one of the most conserved enzymes between archaea and eukaryotes with a sequence identity more than 48%. The high degree of evolutionary conservation suggests that RLI performs a central role in archaeal and eukaryotic physiology.
Probab=96.75  E-value=0.0011  Score=40.26  Aligned_cols=22  Identities=27%  Similarity=0.601  Sum_probs=20.5

Q ss_conf             8999748998898999997389
Q gi|254780484|r   31 EIAFSGRSNVGKSSLINILVNR   52 (212)
Q Consensus        31 ~VaivG~~NvGKSSLiNaL~g~   52 (212)
T Consensus        28 i~gLiGpNGaGKSTLlk~i~Gl   49 (255)
T cd03236          28 VLGLVGPNGIGKSTALKILAGK   49 (255)
T ss_conf             9999899997099999999679