HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780484 and conserved domain: cd03247

>cd03247 ABCC_cytochrome_bd The CYD subfamily implicated in cytochrome bd biogenesis. The CydC and CydD proteins are important for the formation of cytochrome bd terminal oxidase of E. coli and it has been proposed that they were necessary for biosynthesis of the cytochrome bd quinol oxidase and for periplasmic c-type cytochromes. CydCD were proposed to determine a heterooligomeric complex important for heme export into the periplasm or to be involved in the maintenance of the proper redox state of the periplasmic space. In Bacillus subtilius, the absence of CydCD does not affect the presence of halo-cytochrome c in the membrane and this observation suggests that CydCD proteins are not involved in the export of heme in this organism.
Probab=96.80  E-value=0.00093  Score=40.72  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=43%  Similarity=0.670  Sum_probs=21.2

Q ss_conf             89997489988989999973897
Q gi|254780484|r   31 EIAFSGRSNVGKSSLINILVNRK   53 (212)
Q Consensus        31 ~VaivG~~NvGKSSLiNaL~g~~   53 (212)
T Consensus        30 ~~aivG~sGsGKSTLl~~l~G~~   52 (178)
T cd03247          30 KIALLGRSGSGKSTLLQLLTGDL   52 (178)
T ss_conf             99999999875999999998617