HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780497 and conserved domain: cd00829

>cd00829 SCP-x_thiolase Thiolase domain associated with sterol carrier protein (SCP)-x isoform and related proteins; SCP-2 has multiple roles in intracellular lipid circulation and metabolism. The N-terminal presequence in the SCP-x isoform represents a peroxisomal 3-ketacyl-Coa thiolase specific for branched-chain acyl CoAs, which is proteolytically cleaved from the sterol carrier protein.
Probab=91.87  E-value=0.63  Score=25.69  Aligned_cols=19  Identities=0%  Similarity=-0.235  Sum_probs=10.2

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCC
Q ss_conf             7777788889874001000
Q gi|254780497|r  226 KAVELIEKVFDSTHLTIEN  244 (324)
Q Consensus       226 ~~~~~i~~~L~~~gl~~~d  244 (324)
T Consensus       279 aFa~~~l~~~e~lGl~~~g  297 (375)
T cd00829         279 CFTIAELLALEDLGFCEKG  297 (375)
T ss_pred             CCHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCC
T ss_conf             7669999999980999777