HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780497 and conserved domain: cd00831

>cd00831 CHS_like Chalcone and stilbene synthases; plant-specific polyketide synthases (PKS) and related enzymes, also called type III PKSs. PKS generate an array of different products, dependent on the nature of the starter molecule. They share a common chemical strategy, after the starter molecule is loaded onto the active site cysteine, a carboxylative condensation reation extends the polyketide chain. Plant-specific PKS are dimeric iterative PKSs, using coenzyme A esters to deliver substrate to the active site, but they differ in the choice of starter molecule and the number of condensation reactions.
Probab=96.20  E-value=0.028  Score=34.30  Aligned_cols=11  Identities=0%  Similarity=0.063  Sum_probs=4.1

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHCCCC
Q ss_conf             99997402123
Q gi|254780497|r   61 RDALHHAEMSV   71 (324)
Q Consensus        61 ~~al~~a~~~~   71 (324)
T Consensus        42 ~~i~~~tgI~~   52 (361)
T cd00831          42 KRLCAKTGIET   52 (361)
T ss_pred             HHHHHCCCCCE
T ss_conf             99997269861