HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780595 and conserved domain: TIGR03366

>TIGR03366 HpnZ_proposed putative phosphonate catabolism associated alcohol dehydrogenase. This clade of zinc-binding alcohol dehydrogenases (members of pfam00107) are repeatedly associated with genes proposed to be involved with the catabolism of phosphonate compounds.
Probab=95.86  E-value=0.067  Score=30.35  Aligned_cols=19  Identities=11%  Similarity=0.144  Sum_probs=10.7

Q ss_pred             CEECCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             61626843333899999999
Q gi|254780595|r  207 IFNLSDDEPAPPQNVIMEAA  226 (289)
Q Consensus       207 iyni~~~~~~s~~e~~~~i~  226 (289)
T Consensus       191 vie~~-G~~~~~~~a~~~l~  209 (280)
T TIGR03366       191 ALEFS-GATAAVRACLESLD  209 (280)
T ss_pred             EEECC-CCHHHHHHHHHHHH
T ss_conf             99878-98899999999860