HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780595 and conserved domain: cd01487

>cd01487 E1_ThiF_like E1_ThiF_like. Member of superfamily of activating enzymes (E1) of the ubiquitin-like proteins. The common reaction mechanism catalyzed by E1-like enzymes begins with a nucleophilic attack of the C-terminal carboxylate of the ubiquitin-like substrate, on the alpha-phosphate of an ATP molecule bound at the active site of the activating enzymes, leading to the formation of a high-energy acyladenylate intermediate and subsequently to the formation of a thiocarboxylate at the C termini of the substrate. The exact function of this family is unknown.
Probab=95.06  E-value=0.16  Score=28.15  Aligned_cols=28  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.224  Sum_probs=23.9

Q ss_conf             3999888888999999999889889999
Q gi|254780595|r    2 HLMIFGAGYTGKFIADAALKVGVYTCGT   29 (289)
Q Consensus         2 kIlI~GaG~iG~~l~~~L~~~g~~V~~~   29 (289)
T Consensus         1 kV~IvG~GGLG~~~a~~La~aGvg~i~l   28 (174)
T cd01487           1 KVGIAGAGGLGSNIAVLLARSGVGNLKL   28 (174)
T ss_conf             9899876788999999999818973999