RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780611 and conserved domain: cd06171

>gnl|CDD|100119 cd06171, Sigma70_r4, Sigma70, region (SR) 4 refers to the most C-terminal of four conserved domains found in Escherichia coli (Ec) sigma70, the main housekeeping sigma, and related sigma-factors (SFs). A SF is a dissociable subunit of RNA polymerase, it directs bacterial or plastid core RNA polymerase to specific promoter elements located upstream of transcription initiation points. The SR4 of Ec sigma70 and other essential primary SFs contact promoter sequences located 35 base-pairs upstream of the initiation point, recognizing a 6-base-pair -35 consensus TTGACA. Sigma70 related SFs also include SFs which are dispensable for bacterial cell growth for example Ec sigmaS, SFs which activate regulons in response to a specific signal for example heat-shock Ec sigmaH, and a group of SFs which includes the extracytoplasmic function (ECF) SFs and is typified by Ec sigmaE which contains SR2 and -4 only. ECF SFs direct the transcription of genes that regulate various responses including periplasmic stress and pathogenesis. Ec sigmaE SR4 also contacts the -35 element, but recognizes a different consensus (a 7-base-pair GGAACTT). Plant SFs recognize sigma70 type promoters and direct transcription of the major plastid RNA polymerase, plastid-encoded RNA polymerase (PEP).. Length = 55
 Score = 47.1 bits (113), Expect = 5e-06
 Identities = 17/57 (29%), Positives = 28/57 (49%), Gaps = 2/57 (3%)

           R  L  ++  L  RER +   R  +   ++ E ++    +SR  VRQ   RA KK++