HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780617 and conserved domain: cd00009

>cd00009 AAA The AAA+ (ATPases Associated with a wide variety of cellular Activities) superfamily represents an ancient group of ATPases belonging to the ASCE (for additional strand, catalytic E) division of the P-loop NTPase fold. The ASCE division also includes ABC, RecA-like, VirD4-like, PilT-like, and SF1/2 helicases. Members of the AAA+ ATPases function as molecular chaperons, ATPase subunits of proteases, helicases, or nucleic-acid stimulated ATPases. The AAA+ proteins contain several distinct features in addition to the conserved alpha-beta-alpha core domain structure and the Walker A and B motifs of the P-loop NTPases.
Probab=92.24  E-value=0.39  Score=27.34  Aligned_cols=25  Identities=28%  Similarity=0.381  Sum_probs=19.6

Q ss_conf             68336552477886115899999998
Q gi|254780617|r  161 RGQRELIIGDRKTGKTSIILDTFLNQ  186 (509)
Q Consensus       161 rGQR~~I~g~~g~GKt~l~~~~I~nq  186 (509)
T Consensus        18 ~~~~ill~GppGtGKT~la~-~ia~~   42 (151)
T cd00009          18 PPKNLLLYGPPGTGKTTLAR-AIANE   42 (151)
T ss_conf             99808998999988659999-99997