HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780617 and conserved domain: cd03254

>cd03254 ABCC_Glucan_exporter_like Glucan exporter ATP-binding protein. In A. tumefaciens cyclic beta-1, 2-glucan must be transported into the periplasmic space to exert its action as a virluence factor. This subfamily belongs to the MRP-like family and is involved in drug, peptide, and lipid export. The MRP-like family, similar to all ABC proteins, have a common four-domain core structure constituted by two membrane-spanning domains each composed of six transmembrane (TM) helices and two nucleotide-binding domains (NBD). ABC transporters are a subset of nucleotide hydrolases that contain a signature motif, Q-loop, and H-loop/switch region, in addition to, the Walker A motif/P-loop and Walker B motif commonly found in a number of ATP- and GTP-binding and hydrolyzing proteins.
Probab=92.17  E-value=0.095  Score=31.77  Aligned_cols=30  Identities=27%  Similarity=0.473  Sum_probs=24.0

Q ss_conf             0111156833655247788611589999999
Q gi|254780617|r  155 SLIPIGRGQRELIIGDRKTGKTSIILDTFLN  185 (509)
Q Consensus       155 ~l~pigrGQR~~I~g~~g~GKt~l~~~~I~n  185 (509)
T Consensus        22 inl~i~~Ge~vaivG~sGsGKSTLl-~ll~g   51 (229)
T cd03254          22 INFSIKPGETVAIVGPTGAGKTTLI-NLLMR   51 (229)
T ss_conf             2999879999999999998099999-99966