HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780636 and conserved domain: cd06135

>cd06135 Orn Oligoribonuclease (Orn) is a DEDDh-type DnaQ-like 3'-5' exoribonuclease that is responsible for degrading small oligoribonucleotides to mononucleotides. It contains three conserved sequence motifs termed ExoI, ExoII and ExoIII, with a specific Hx(4)D conserved pattern at ExoIII. These motifs are clustered around the active site and contain four conserved acidic residues that serve as ligands for the two metal ions required for catalysis. Orn is essential for E.coli survival. The human homolog, also called Sfn (small fragment nuclease), is able to hydrolyze short single-stranded RNA and DNA oligomers. It plays a role in cellular nucleotide recycling.
Probab=92.78  E-value=0.28  Score=26.67  Aligned_cols=19  Identities=37%  Similarity=0.623  Sum_probs=15.8

Q ss_pred             CEEEECCCCCCCCCCCEEE
Q ss_conf             2799717778985445079
Q gi|254780636|r   22 AIAVDTETLGLMPRRDRLC   40 (207)
Q Consensus        22 ~iaiDtEt~~l~~~~~~l~   40 (207)
T Consensus         1 lvWiDlEmTGLd~~~d~Ii   19 (173)
T cd06135           1 LVWIDLEMTGLDPEKDRIL   19 (173)
T ss_pred             CEEEECCCCCCCCCCCEEE
T ss_conf             9599330368888886489