HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780640 and conserved domain: cd01891

>cd01891 TypA_BipA TypA (tyrosine phosphorylated protein A)/BipA subfamily. BipA is a protein belonging to the ribosome-binding family of GTPases and is widely distributed in bacteria and plants. BipA was originally described as a protein that is induced in Salmonella typhimurium after exposure to bactericidal/permeability-inducing protein (a cationic antimicrobial protein produced by neutrophils), and has since been identified in E. coli as well. The properties thus far described for BipA are related to its role in the process of pathogenesis by enteropathogenic E. coli. It appears to be involved in the regulation of several processes important for infection, including rearrangements of the cytoskeleton of the host, bacterial resistance to host defense peptides, flagellum-mediated cell motility, and expression of K5 capsular genes. It has been proposed that BipA may utilize a novel mechanism to regulate the expression of target genes. In addition, BipA from enteropathogenic E. co
Probab=91.50  E-value=0.29  Score=26.08  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=17%  Similarity=0.061  Sum_probs=19.4

Q ss_conf             999907986578999999998579
Q gi|254780640|r   53 TIVNGQNGYGKSSLSEAIEWLFYG   76 (110)
Q Consensus        53 ~~i~G~Ng~GKStil~ai~~~l~g   76 (110)
T Consensus         5 v~iiGHvd~GKTTL~~~Ll~~tg~   28 (194)
T cd01891           5 IAIIAHVDHGKTTLVDALLKQSGT   28 (194)
T ss_conf             999906898799999999997487