HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780700 and conserved domain: TIGR03279

>TIGR03279 cyano_FeS_chp putative FeS-containing Cyanobacterial-specific oxidoreductase. Members of this protein family are predicted FeS-containing oxidoreductases of unknown function, apparently restricted to and universal across the Cyanobacteria. The high trusted cutoff score for this model, 700 bits, excludes homologs from other lineages. This exclusion seems justified because a significant number of sequence positions are simultaneously unique to and invariant across the Cyanobacteria, suggesting a specialized, conserved function, perhaps related to photosynthesis. A distantly related protein family, TIGR03278, in universal in and restricted to archaeal methanogens, and may be linked to methanogenesis.
Probab=97.47  E-value=0.00017  Score=47.31  Aligned_cols=16  Identities=6%  Similarity=0.194  Sum_probs=7.9

Q ss_pred             EEEEECCCCEEEEECC
Q ss_conf             4379628980674011
Q gi|254780700|r  134 SFSVILSDDTELPAKL  149 (489)
Q Consensus       134 ~i~V~~~dg~~~~a~v  149 (489)
T Consensus        46 ~L~v~~~~Ge~~~iei   61 (433)
T TIGR03279        46 ELEVLDANGESHQIEI   61 (433)
T ss_pred             EEEEECCCCCEEEEEE
T ss_conf             9999958997999998