RPSBLAST alignment for GI: 254780784 and conserved domain: cd05688

>gnl|CDD|88443 cd05688, S1_RPS1_repeat_ec3, S1_RPS1_repeat_ec3: Ribosomal protein S1 (RPS1) domain. RPS1 is a component of the small ribosomal subunit thought to be involved in the recognition and binding of mRNA's during translation initiation. The bacterial RPS1 domain architecture consists of 4-6 tandem S1 domains. In some bacteria, the tandem S1 array is located C-terminal to a 4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase (HMBPP reductase) domain. While RPS1 is found primarily in bacteria, proteins with tandem RPS1-like domains have been identified in plants and humans, however these lack the N-terminal HMBPP reductase domain. This CD includes S1 repeat 3 (ec3) of the Escherichia coli RPS1. Autoantibodies to double-stranded DNA from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus cross-react with the human RPS1 homolog.. Length = 68
 Score = 64.0 bits (156), Expect = 1e-10
 Identities = 31/67 (46%), Positives = 40/67 (59%), Gaps = 2/67 (2%)

            + +G V  + DFGAFV   G  DGL+HIS +S  RV   S+VV  GD V VK+L  D +

Query: 680 RGKIKLS 686
           R +I L 
Sbjct: 62  RKRISLG 68