HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780915 and conserved domain: cd00203

>cd00203 ZnMc Zinc-dependent metalloprotease. This super-family of metalloproteases contains two major branches, the astacin-like proteases and the adamalysin/reprolysin-like proteases. Both branches have wide phylogenetic distribution, and contain sub-families, which are involved in vertebrate development and disease.
Probab=92.00  E-value=0.25  Score=27.45  Aligned_cols=15  Identities=47%  Similarity=0.815  Sum_probs=12.5

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             679999998458999
Q gi|254780915|r  409 QDVMTLAHELGHGIH  423 (626)
Q Consensus       409 ~dv~TL~HE~GHa~H  423 (626)
T Consensus        95 ~~~gti~HElgHaLG  109 (167)
T cd00203          95 EGAQTIAHELGHALG  109 (167)
T ss_pred             CCCCHHHHHHHHHHC
T ss_conf             554248999999848