HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780941 and conserved domain: cd03290

>cd03290 ABCC_SUR1_N The SUR domain 1. The sulfonylurea receptor SUR is an ATP transporter of the ABCC/MRP family with tandem ATPase binding domains. Unlike other ABC proteins, it has no intrinsic transport function, neither active nor passive, but associates with the potassium channel proteins Kir6.1 or Kir6.2 to form the ATP-sensitive potassium (K(ATP)) channel. Within the channel complex, SUR serves as a regulatory subunit that fine-tunes the gating of Kir6.x in response to alterations in cellular metabolism. It constitutes a major pharmaceutical target as it binds numerous drugs, K(ATP) channel openers and blockers, capable of up- or down-regulating channel activity.
Probab=96.80  E-value=0.0011  Score=43.81  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=30%  Similarity=0.508  Sum_probs=21.2

Q ss_conf             89983389986889999986892
Q gi|254780941|r   24 CVALVGATNAGKSTLVNRFVGAK   46 (311)
Q Consensus        24 ~VaivG~pN~GKSTL~N~l~g~~   46 (311)
T Consensus        29 ~~~IvG~sGsGKSTLl~~l~g~~   51 (218)
T cd03290          29 LTMIVGQVGCGKSSLLLAILGEM   51 (218)
T ss_conf             99999999980999999985556