HHsearch alignment for GI: 254781149 and conserved domain: pfam03029

>pfam03029 ATP_bind_1 Conserved hypothetical ATP binding protein. Members of this family are found in a range of archaea and eukaryotes and have hypothesized ATP binding activity.
Probab=91.87  E-value=0.18  Score=30.54  Aligned_cols=11  Identities=18%  Similarity=0.147  Sum_probs=5.1

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             99999999999
Q gi|254781149|r  216 YRISQGICEKL  226 (266)
Q Consensus       216 ~~~i~~a~~~l  226 (266)
T Consensus       190 ~~~L~~~l~~l  200 (234)
T pfam03029       190 YRYLNEAIRLA  200 (234)
T ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHH
T ss_conf             99999999999