HHsearch alignment for GI: 254781149 and conserved domain: pfam07015

>pfam07015 VirC1 VirC1 protein. This family consists of several bacterial VirC1 proteins. In Agrobacterium tumefaciens, a cis-active 24-base-pair sequence adjacent to the right border of the T-DNA, called overdrive, stimulates tumour formation by increasing the level of T-DNA processing. It is thought that the virC operon which enhances T-DNA processing probably does so because the VirC1 protein interacts with overdrive. It has now been shown that the virC1 gene product binds to overdrive but not to the right border of T-DNA.
Probab=92.11  E-value=0.24  Score=29.64  Aligned_cols=15  Identities=20%  Similarity=0.273  Sum_probs=6.6

Q ss_pred             HCCCCEEEEECCCCH
Q ss_conf             016836887068741
Q gi|254781149|r  139 VQLRELILIGARPSM  153 (266)
Q Consensus       139 ~~~g~LiviaaRP~m  153 (266)
T Consensus       103 I~~ADlVLIP~qpSp  117 (231)
T pfam07015       103 IASSDLLLIPTMLTP  117 (231)
T ss_pred             HHHCCEEEECCCCCH
T ss_conf             997898997789982