HHsearch alignment for GI: 254781197 and conserved domain: cd01854

>cd01854 YjeQ_engC YjeQ/EngC. YjeQ (YloQ in Bacillus subtilis) represents a protein family whose members are broadly conserved in bacteria and have been shown to be essential to the growth of E. coli and B. subtilis. Proteins of the YjeQ family contain all sequence motifs typical of the vast class of P-loop-containing GTPases, but show a circular permutation, with a G4-G1-G3 pattern of motifs as opposed to the regular G1-G3-G4 pattern seen in most GTPases. All YjeQ family proteins display a unique domain architecture, which includes an N-terminal OB-fold RNA-binding domain, the central permuted GTPase domain, and a zinc knuckle-like C-terminal cysteine domain. This domain architecture suggests a role for YjeQ as a regulator of translation.
Probab=97.85  E-value=5.9e-06  Score=55.38  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=33%  Similarity=0.621  Sum_probs=21.5

Q ss_conf             718999889999989999999851
Q gi|254781197|r    2 AHIFVLIGASGVGETTIAKQVVLN   25 (185)
Q Consensus         2 ~kiivi~GpSGsGK~tl~~~L~~~   25 (185)
T Consensus       161 ~k~~v~~G~SGvGKSSLiN~L~~~  184 (287)
T cd01854         161 GKTSVLVGQSGVGKSTLINALLPD  184 (287)
T ss_conf             988999889988889999874621