HHsearch alignment for GI: 255764460 and conserved domain: cd02042

>cd02042 ParA ParA and ParB of Caulobacter crescentus belong to a conserved family of bacterial proteins implicated in chromosome segregation. ParB binds to DNA sequences adjacent to the origin of replication and localizes to opposite cell poles shortly following the initiation of DNA replication. ParB regulates the ParA ATPase activity by promoting nucleotide exchange in a fashion reminiscent of the exchange factors of eukaryotic G proteins. ADP-bound ParA binds single-stranded DNA, whereas the ATP-bound form dissociates ParB from its DNA binding sites. Increasing the fraction of ParA-ADP in the cell inhibits cell division, suggesting that this simple nucleotide switch may regulate cytokinesis. ParA shares sequence similarity to a conserved and widespread family of ATPases which includes the repA protein of the repABC operon in R. etli Sym plasmid. This operon is involved in the plasmid replication and partition.
Probab=96.42  E-value=0.0077  Score=37.52  Aligned_cols=31  Identities=26%  Similarity=0.344  Sum_probs=28.0

Q ss_conf             8723789999998752008987999973885
Q gi|255764460|r   76 ESSGKTTLALHTIAQSQKTGGTCAFVDAEHA  106 (363)
Q Consensus        76 ~~sGKTtlal~~~a~~qk~g~~~~~iD~E~~  106 (363)
T Consensus         9 GGvGKtt~~~~la~~~a~~g~~vl~iD~DpQ   39 (104)
T cd02042           9 GGVGKTTTAVNLAAALARRGKRVLLIDLDPQ   39 (104)
T ss_conf             9876899999999999977992999977988