HHsearch alignment for GI: 255764477 and conserved domain: cd03267

>cd03267 ABC_NatA_like Similar in sequence to NatA, this is the ATPase component of a bacterial ABC-type Na+ transport system called NatAB, which catalyzes ATP-dependent electrogenic Na+ extrusion without mechanically coupled to proton or K+ uptake. NatB possess six putative membrane spanning regions at its C-terminus. In B. subtilis, NatAB is inducible by agents such as ethanol and protonophores, which lower the protonmotive force across the membrane. The closest sequence similarity to NatA is exhibited by DrrA of the two-component daunomycin- and doxorubicin-efflux system. Hence, the functional NatAB is presumably assembled with two copies of the single ATP-binding protein and the single intergral membrane protein.
Probab=92.17  E-value=0.14  Score=30.31  Aligned_cols=21  Identities=43%  Similarity=0.719  Sum_probs=19.6

Q ss_conf             999888866678999999997
Q gi|255764477|r    3 IIGLTGSIGTGKTTVAEFLKK   23 (199)
Q Consensus         3 iIgitG~igSGKStv~~~l~~   23 (199)
T Consensus        49 i~gLlGpNGaGKSTllk~l~G   69 (236)
T cd03267          49 IVGFIGPNGAGKTTTLKILSG   69 (236)
T ss_conf             999999998309999999964