HHsearch alignment for GI: 255764515 and conserved domain: pfam06068

>pfam06068 TIP49 TIP49 C-terminus. This family consists of the C-terminal region of several eukaryotic and archaeal RuvB-like 1 (Pontin or TIP49a) and RuvB-like 2 (Reptin or TIP49b) proteins. The N-terminal domain contains the pfam00004 domain. In zebrafish, the liebeskummer (lik) mutation, causes development of hyperplastic embryonic hearts. lik encodes Reptin, a component of a DNA-stimulated ATPase complex. Beta-catenin and Pontin, a DNA-stimulated ATPase that is often part of complexes with Reptin, are in the same genetic pathways. The Reptin/Pontin ratio serves to regulate heart growth during development, at least in part via the beta-catenin pathway. TBP-interacting protein 49 (TIP49) was originally identified as a TBP-binding protein, and two related proteins are encoded by individual genes, tip49a and b. Although the function of this gene family has not been elucidated, they are supposed to play a critical role in nuclear events because they interact with various kinds of nuclear
Probab=92.54  E-value=0.12  Score=28.14  Aligned_cols=24  Identities=21%  Similarity=0.266  Sum_probs=19.7

Q ss_conf             980999588998689999999999
Q gi|255764515|r   18 KRCAIWASMGSGKTVSVLTALSYI   41 (458)
Q Consensus        18 ~~~ll~~~~G~GKT~~al~~~~~l   41 (458)
T Consensus        51 raiLlaGppGTGKTAlA~aiakeL   74 (395)
T pfam06068        51 RAVLIAGPPGTGKTALAIAISKEL   74 (395)
T ss_conf             389987799988899999999974