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Browse ECOD Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD classification as tree or download distributable files. This provisional classification currently includes only RIMD proteins predicted by AlphaFold2 and distributed by UniProt.

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ECOD is a hierarchical classification of protein domains according to their evolutionary relationships. This database contains our provisional classification of predictions of the RIMD proteome from AlphaFold Database database currently classified in this provisional classification database. Further classification of highly accurate protein structure predictions will be forthcoming.

Please cite the following reference:

H. Cheng, R. D. Schaeffer, Y. Liao, L. N. Kinch, J. Pei, S. Shi, B. H. Kim, N. V. Grishin. (2014) ECOD: An evolutionary classification of protein domains. PLoS Comput Biol 10(12): e1003926.

H. Cheng, Y. Liao, R. D. Schaeffer, N. V. Grishin. (2015) Manual classification strategies in the ECOD database. Proteins 83(7): 1238-1251.

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