HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780151 and conserved domain: cd02930

>cd02930 DCR_FMN 2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase (DCR) FMN-binding domain. DCR in E. coli is an iron-sulfur flavoenzyme which contains FMN, FAD, and a 4Fe-4S cluster. It is also a monomer, unlike that of its eukaryotic counterparts which form homotetramers and lack the flavin and iron-sulfur cofactors. Metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids requires auxiliary enzymes in addition to those used in b-oxidation. After a given number of cycles through the b-oxidation pathway, those unsaturated fatty acyl-CoAs with double bonds at even-numbered carbon positions contain 2-trans, 4-cis double bonds that can not be modified by enoyl-CoA hydratase. DCR utilizes NADPH to remove the C4-C5 double bond. DCR can catalyze the reduction of both natural fatty acids with cis double bonds, as well as substrates containing trans double bonds. The reaction is initiated by hybrid transfer from NADPH to FAD, which in turn transfers electrons, one at a time, to FMN via the 4Fe-4S cluster. The fully reduced FMN provi
Probab=91.11  E-value=1.4  Score=24.60  Aligned_cols=16  Identities=25%  Similarity=0.447  Sum_probs=9.3

Q ss_pred             HHHHHHHHCCCCCCEE
Q ss_conf             5888887401687645
Q gi|254780151|r  126 FSDLLSVTRQLGADVL  141 (408)
Q Consensus       126 F~~l~~~a~~~g~~~i  141 (408)
T Consensus       139 f~~AA~rA~~AGfDgV  154 (353)
T cd02930         139 FARCAALAREAGYDGV  154 (353)
T ss_pred             HHHHHHHHHHCCCCEE
T ss_conf             9999999998299989