HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780166 and conserved domain: cd00741

>cd00741 Lipase Lipase. Lipases are esterases that can hydrolyze long-chain acyl-triglycerides into di- and monoglycerides, glycerol, and free fatty acids at a water/lipid interface. A typical feature of lipases is "interfacial activation", the process of becoming active at the lipid/water interface, although several examples of lipases have been identified that do not undergo interfacial activation . The active site of a lipase contains a catalytic triad consisting of Ser - His - Asp/Glu, but unlike most serine proteases, the active site is buried inside the structure. A "lid" or "flap" covers the active site, making it inaccessible to solvent and substrates. The lid opens during the process of interfacial activation, allowing the lipid substrate access to the active site.
Probab=90.08  E-value=0.036  Score=31.98  Aligned_cols=25  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.272  Sum_probs=20.7

Q ss_conf             2222222234434443101333210
Q gi|254780166|r   95 LGISKVHVMGYSMGARIACSMVLFY  119 (261)
Q Consensus        95 l~~~~~~liGhS~Gg~ia~~~a~~~  119 (261)
T Consensus        25 ~p~~~l~vtGHSLGgalA~l~a~~l   49 (153)
T cd00741          25 YPDYKIHVTGHSLGGALAGLAGLDL   49 (153)
T ss_conf             8997799996362789999999999