HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780240 and conserved domain: cd01123

>cd01123 Rad51_DMC1_radA Rad51_DMC1_radA,B. This group of recombinases includes the eukaryotic proteins RAD51, RAD55/57 and the meiosis-specific protein DMC1, and the archaeal proteins radA and radB. They are closely related to the bacterial RecA group. Rad51 proteins catalyze a similiar recombination reaction as RecA, using ATP-dependent DNA binding activity and a DNA-dependent ATPase. However, this reaction is less efficient and requires accessory proteins such as RAD55/57 .
Probab=95.02  E-value=0.11  Score=31.40  Aligned_cols=19  Identities=32%  Similarity=0.450  Sum_probs=16.5

Q ss_pred             EECCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             9878899967899999997
Q gi|254780240|r    5 FLGPPGSGKGTQACRLSQK   23 (201)
Q Consensus         5 i~G~PGsGK~T~a~~la~~   23 (201)
T Consensus        24 i~G~~GsGKTql~lqla~~   42 (235)
T cd01123          24 IFGEFGSGKTQLCHQLAVT   42 (235)
T ss_pred             EECCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH
T ss_conf             9999998499999999999