HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780240 and conserved domain: cd03292

>cd03292 ABC_FtsE_transporter FtsE is a hydrophilic nucleotide-binding protein that binds FtsX to form a heterodimeric ATP-binding cassette (ABC)-type transporter that associates with the bacterial inner membrane. The FtsE/X transporter is thought to be involved in cell division and is important for assembly or stability of the septal ring.
Probab=94.91  E-value=0.021  Score=35.76  Aligned_cols=20  Identities=30%  Similarity=0.625  Sum_probs=17.2

Q ss_pred             EEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH
Q ss_conf             99987889996789999999
Q gi|254780240|r    3 IIFLGPPGSGKGTQACRLSQ   22 (201)
Q Consensus         3 I~i~G~PGsGK~T~a~~la~   22 (201)
T Consensus        30 v~i~GpSGsGKSTLl~~i~g   49 (214)
T cd03292          30 VFLVGPSGAGKSTLLKLIYK   49 (214)
T ss_pred             EEEECCCCCHHHHHHHHHHC
T ss_conf             99997999539999999962