HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780240 and conserved domain: cd04153

>cd04153 Arl5_Arl8 Arl5/Arl8 subfamily. Arl5 (Arf-like 5) and Arl8, like Arl4 and Arl7, are localized to the nucleus and nucleolus. Arl5 is developmentally regulated during embryogenesis in mice. Human Arl5 interacts with the heterochromatin protein 1-alpha (HP1alpha), a nonhistone chromosomal protein that is associated with heterochromatin and telomeres, and prevents telomere fusion. Arl5 may also play a role in embryonic nuclear dynamics and/or signaling cascades. Arl8 was identified from a fetal cartilage cDNA library. It is found in brain, heart, lung, cartilage, and kidney. No function has been assigned for Arl8 to date.
Probab=94.00  E-value=0.048  Score=33.54  Aligned_cols=23  Identities=22%  Similarity=0.346  Sum_probs=19.8

Q ss_conf             96999878899967899999997
Q gi|254780240|r    1 MRIIFLGPPGSGKGTQACRLSQK   23 (201)
Q Consensus         1 m~I~i~G~PGsGK~T~a~~la~~   23 (201)
T Consensus        16 ~KililG~~~sGKTsil~~l~~~   38 (174)
T cd04153          16 YKVIIVGLDNAGKTTILYQFLLG   38 (174)
T ss_conf             99999989999889999999739