HHsearch alignment for GI: 254780270 and conserved domain: TIGR01351

>TIGR01351 adk adenylate kinases; InterPro: IPR006259 Most members of this family are known or believed to be adenylate kinase. Adenylate kinase (ADK) from EC converts ATP + AMP to ADP + ADP, that is, it uses ATP as a phosphate donor for AMP. Two ADK isozymes have been identified in mammalian cells. These specifically bind AMP and favour binding to ATP over other nucleotide triphosphates (AK1 is cytosolic and AK2 is located in the mitochondria). However, some members accept other nucleotide triphosphates as donors, and may be unable to use ATP, and may fail to complement adenylate kinase mutants. An example of a nucleoside-triphosphate--adenylate kinase ( from EC) is Q9UIJ7 from SWISSPROT, a GTP:AMP phosphotransferase that has been identified in bovine heart and human cells and derived from mitrochondrail GTP AMP that is specific for the phosphorylation of AMP, but can only use GTP or ITP as a substrate .This family is designated subfamily rather than equivalog for this reason. ADK has also been identified in different bacterial species and in yeast . Two further enzymes are known to be related to the ADK family, i.e. yeast uridine monophosphokinase and slime mold UMP-CMP kinase. Within the ADK family there are several conserved regions, including the ATP-binding domains. One of the most conserved areas includes an Arg residue, whose modification inactivates the enzyme, together with an Asp that resides in the catalytic cleft of the enzyme and participates in a salt bridge. ; GO: 0005524 ATP binding, 0016776 phosphotransferase activity phosphate group as acceptor, 0019201 nucleotide kinase activity, 0006139 nucleobase nucleoside nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process.
Probab=95.22  E-value=0.016  Score=37.95  Aligned_cols=43  Identities=33%  Similarity=0.550  Sum_probs=34.1

Q ss_conf             998605656502799999977088249986188888888356320014567128999998327887
Q Consensus       369 l~l~gppgvGKts~~~sia~al~r~f~~islgg~~d~~~i~gh~~ty~ga~pg~ii~~l~~~~~~n  434 (820)
T Consensus         2 ~~~lGpPGsGKGTQa~~i~~~~gl~H--ISTGD---------------------llR~~~~~~T~L   44 (232)
T TIGR01351         2 LILLGPPGSGKGTQAKRIAEKLGLPH--ISTGD---------------------LLRAAVKAGTPL   44 (232)
T ss_pred             EEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCC--CCCHH---------------------HHHHHHHHCCHH
T ss_conf             46755989876679999998608850--20258---------------------999998707977